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About this fanlisting

This is the only fanlisting checked by The Fanlistings Network for Buffy Sainte-Marie. It is listed in the "Musicians: Female" category, and then the "S" subcategory (check here).

Buffy is a hugely inspirational woman, musician, mother, and teacher (Sesame Street, anyone?). Her music has touched me deeply and opened my eyes to an American history and reality that I had previously not actively researched - that of the Natives. Her performance and persona captured me - threw me off balance and shook my ideas all over the place. After seeing and hearing her, I grew aware of a true New World, where the Natives in the Americas felt their ways about the world in a uniquely beautiful way. Something that could never be captured by technology or words. They touch the air, breathe the clouds, nourish the earth with their souls and enrich their hearts with a human pride so admirable it puts many modern societies to shame.

Buffy's stories are beautifully told, and I was even lucky enough to meet her at a recent show, and share my love for her. She was truly wonderful in person, on music, and in soul. I will never forget that night! Buffy is as truthful to her creative power and her personal history, and shares with us the music and stories that have been the eagle eyes of her life.

I chose "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee" as the name of this fanlisting. Buffy had recommended the book of the same name by Dee Brown during her show. She wanted us to read of the true, ugly nature of Europeans and settlers behaviour toward the Natives and their home, climaxing during the 1800s, where the Natives were suffocated by watchful Forts, forced out of their homelands by ridiculous treaties, and strangled in confined reservations. I had heard about the book before, and now it fascinated me more. I was eager to learn more about how the Natives were mistreated - the threats to their own beautiful culture by the greed for land and dirty money. After reading the book, its power and sadness strangled my own lungs, made me feel disgusted that so much injustice took place so freely. I am continuing my own studies into Native (North) American and Canadian culture and history - I find it endlessly fascinating. And a lot of this interest can be credited to Buffy, her recommending the book to us all, and her performing her own song of the same title - with so much passion, courage and strength - I knew she constantly felt that same sadness yet resilient pride for her people as I felt after reading the book. I felt it fit her force and love for life perfectly.

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