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Leslie from England (website)

I love Soldier Blue.

Moving, passionate performer
Lindsay from United States (website)

I love all of her songs.

Raine from England (website)

I love Moonshot; God is Alive, Magic is Afoot; Darling Don't Cry; He's An Indian Cowboy On the Rodeo; Now That the Buffalo's Gone; Sweet America....

She showed me the beauty and truth of Native American culture and people. The wonders of Mother Earth and the Moon, of how we can nurture our Earth to feed our people. She's a woman I truly respect!
Samantha from Canada (website)

I love Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee; Darling, Don't Cry; I'm Going Home; Up Where We Belong; He's An Indian Cowboy In the Rodeo; Starwalker.

She's from Canada
Sarah from United States (website)

I love God is Alive (Magic is Afoot); No No Keshagesh.